This new technology uses ultrasound and Radio-frequency waves to remove subcutaneous fat deposits to improve body shape.

The procedure involves moving an ultrasound and RF hand-piece over the problem area eg fatty deposits on the hips or abdomen. The waves pass through the skin and focuses on the deep subcutaneous fat layer where it acts to disrupt the fat cells, destroying them.

The procedure is suitable for areas of excess fat collections that are difficult to remove through diet and suitable exercise. It is best for re-contouring small to medium sized problem areas.


Typical areas treated are:

How long is each treatment and how many treatments?
Typically one area takes 30- 45 minutes. It is recommended that 5 - 10 sessions may be necessary to achieve best results.

How can you help to get the best results?
It is recommended that you maintain a low fat diet and suitable exercise programme that, at least, maintains a stable weight.Remain well hydrated before and after the treatment for up to 4 days.

Any limitations?
Not all people will be good candidates. You will need to be assessed by the doctor to evaluate if the area of fat deposit, size and skin tone are suitable for this treatment.

Procedure is not used in following conditions:

Side effects   Very uncommon: bruising, mild redness, slight swelling

Treatment pricing   After our doctor assesses your suitability, a treatment package will be recommended. The pricing will vary depending on areas treated.

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