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Labelle Cosmetic Surgery has been helping people give the desired looks with highest level of patient satisfaction. We are grateful to patients who have chosen to share experiences of their cosmetic surgery with us.

Tummy tuck and liposuction

Now I feel confident enough to wear clothes that I really wanted to……

I was very depressed a year ago after gaining weight post delivery. I tried exercising and dieting to lose weight, but the results were too slow and left me feeling exhausted. There was also loose skin around my tummy area.

I became self-conscious about my body and confined myself to home.This under confidence left me totally isolated with virtually no social life.

It was during this phase that I heard about Dr Misra and consulted him for my problem.I was recommended a tummy tuck and liposuction and decided to go for the procedure. Although the post operative period was painful and there was discomfort yet I have not regretted my decision. The liposuction has really defined my waist and I have achieved a good body shape

My confidence is back now and I have been showered with compliments. I am now able to wear clothes that actually fit me and enhance my figure. LaBelle has given me a new lease of life.

Hair Transplant

My name is Amit and I'm 35 years old. I first started noticing my hair loss when I was 30 years and had lost almost 50 percent of my hair by the age of 32yrs. Eventually I decided to have hair transplantation and thus started my quest for the best surgeon in the field.

I decided to go for my hair transplantation procedure at LaBelle, under Dr Ashutosh Misra. In less than a year, all my transplanted hair grew nicely - looking natural. I must mention that I achieved results that exceeded my expectations leaving me extremely confident and I even look younger now! I would surely recommend Dr Ashutosh Misra to those looking to get their hair transplantation done.You shall be entrusting yourself in safe hands.

Breast Enlargement

I am Seema, aged 30 years.

I felt very self-conscious about my small breasts since my adolescence, but never thought of an option for increasing the size of my breasts.

I was even depressed after marriage although my husband had no problem with me at all.

When I came to know about cosmetic surgery as an option for breast enlargement I started my search for a reliable and good cosmetic surgeon. It was then that I came in touch with Dr Misra who guided me very well about the procedure and it turned out to be the right choice for me.

It was very important that my breast enlargement looked as natural as possible. Dr Misra made me feel very comfortable. He assured me that the implants he will use would be of best quality.

After the surgery I was in hospital for one night and discharged the following morning. I was advised to wear a pressure garment for the bra for six weeks post-surgery until the swelling went down. The results were amazing and I felt out of the world as I had achieved what I had wanted through so many years.Post surgery I feel more confident about myself and my looks.

I’d definitely recommend LaBelle cosmetic surgery to anybody who is considering having cosmetic surgery. Dr Misra is an outstanding surgeon and gives a deep insight into the procedure you are going to have with all the pros and cons of the same.

Breast Reduction

Hi... I am Ritika.. I had huge pendulous breasts and have been wanting to get a reduction done for years. I was distressed and wanted to have normal sized breasts so that I can be more confident in wearing tight fitting smart dresses that all around me carry so well. LaBelle and Dr Ashutosh Misra were recommended to me by one of my friends who was going for Botox treatments to him regularly.

After consultation with Dr Misra I was convinced. He told me about the procedure with pictures of few pateints whom he had previously operated upon for the same.

The surgery has made a real difference to my life. The feeling of normal sized breasts was incredible. I can now jog, dance, move about without having to support my bust and feeling really uncomfortable. I can also sleep on my stomach in comfort - something I hadn't done for a long time - and I can also wear small pretty bras and I feel wonderful. I no longer have shoulder and neck pain and I would definitely recommend having it done if you are elligible for the operation.

I would surely recommend LaBelle to those who are looking to get any cosmetic procedure. The information
given by the doctor and the after care is extremely true and no facts are hidden.
You will feel safe at LaBelle!

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