Vaginoplasty is a cosmetic as well as a reconstructive surgical procedure to rejuvenate and tighten a woman’s vagina, by removing excess lining and repairing the surrounding soft tissues.

Because anesthesia is administered prior to the procedure, patients shouldn't feel any pain during vaginoplasty. There may be some discomfort or tenderness following vaginoplasty, which can be controlled with prescribed pain medication.

A vaginoplasty is performed by incisions in a select location near the genitals, allowing for loose muscles to be tightened. The diameter of the vaginal opening is reduced by minimizing the amount of vaginal lining (mucosa). Excess skin may also be removed if labiaplasty is included. Once this is completed, any incisions are closed with sutures and the area is dressed.

Some tenderness, bruising and swelling should be expected following vaginoplasty. To facilitate the recovery process, sexual intercourse, tampon use, and other activity in the vaginal area should be avoided for four to six weeks or until further instruction from your surgeon. Patients should also avoid heavy lifting during this time. Routine activity can be carried out in 1-2 days.

Potential, but uncommon complications from vaginoplasty surgery include bleeding, infection, and adverse reactions to anesthesia.

Women who have completed childbearing and are unhappy with the resulting lack of vaginal strength and tone, or have not had children but still desire improvement in the vaginal area.Occasionally, vaginoplasty is performed to revise abnormalities or certain congenital conditions, such as absence of a vagina at birth or a deformed vagina. It can also be performed to repair the vaginal area following disease or injury.Iit may also be performed as part of gender reassignment surgery.


Hymen reconstruction surgery, is the surgical repair of the hymen. Using a surgical technique, the torn edges of the hymen are put back together. After this type of hymen surgery and without complication, subsequent intercourse will typically tear the membrane causing pain and bleeding.

The hymenoplasty is usually a 30-45 minute procedure and can be done in an out-patient surgery center or in-office using general or local anesthesia. The doctor uses dissolvable stitches to reconnect the skin membrane that once partially covered the opening to the vagina. After the hymenoplasty operation, the patient can return to work in a day or two and complete healing takes approximately 6-8 weeks.

There are several reasons why women request a hymenoplasty procedure. These include:


Labia surgery, known as labiaplasty (labioplasty), is designed to reduce the size of the labia minora (smaller, inner vaginal lips).

Some women want a labiaplasty purely for cosmetic reasons, others may also suffer from discomfort or irritation from large labia minora.

Most patients leave the out-patient surgery center within one to two hours following the labia surgery. Full recovery takes about 6-8 weeks contingent on the individual's healing process. Because of the very fine, absorbable sutures used for the labiaplasty, there is usually very little scarring and the scars may not be visible to the eye because they are hidden in the creases and folds of the labia.

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